Ok, I'm ready to sell my house, but where do I start?

We are here to help answer any and all of your questions! We aim to provide exceptional service throughout the entire process. Just like buying a house, selling one, can be just as exhausting, overwhelming and stressful. As your Realtors®, we will help lighten the burden and provide expert counsel during this time. Text or call us now to set up a listing consultation (904) 607-7202. 

Our recommended home selling process:

  1. Do your homework and ask yourself the following questions:

    • Why am I selling my house?

    • What is my local market doing?

    • What is my timeframe?

    • If I were moving into my home, what would I want it to look like?

  2. Work with a Real Estate Expert (That's us!)

    • We are parterned with Homes for Heroes® – we give, on average, $1500 back to you, as a way of saying thank you! Qualifying Heroes: First Responders, Medical Professionals, Educators, & Military (Active, Reservists, Veterans)

    • We also GUARANTEE Your Home Sold In 60 Days or LESS, Or We Will Sell It For Free! (some conditions apply).

    • Interview some Realtors to see if you will work well with them. If we don’t match your needs, we’d be happy to refer you to another one of our colleagues.

  3. Decide what's best for you: Rent or Sell?

    1. Rent: We can help manage your property as well. Visit www.navytonavy.com to learn more about our company's Property Management Packages.

    2. Sell: We will come over to your house (15-30 min initial consultation, meet and greet, and see how we can help)

  4. Let's get our selling ducks in a row!

    1. Let's talk marketing strategies.

    2. Complete a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) - just a fancy way of saying, let’s find out how much your house is worth!!

    3. Determine what price you want to sell your home at. We will provide you an estimated range of value.

  5. Time to show off!

    1. Let's get your house fashion ready and make her the belle of the ball!

    2. We will provide helpful tips on how to best present your house to future buyers.

  6. It's all about being SOCIAL!

    1. We will market your house on over 100’s of websites, for maximum visibility!!

    2. OPEN HOUSE: Yes we will do them, with your permission, of course! We will invite the neighbors to come check it out!

    3. We will present it on social media outlets, to help give your house maximum visibility!!

  7. We got our first offer! Now what...

    1. That's where we will discuss your options and keep your best interests in mind. If you don't like the offer, we will reject it. If the offer ROCKS, then let's get to work on getting your house sold!

  8. The buyers will complete their inspections

    1. Home Inspections

    2. WDO Inspections

    3. Negotiate home repairs

  9. Close – Congratulations! You sold your house!