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If you're looking for trustworthy lenders that will get the job done, we recommend checking out these folks and let them know we sent you! They have been a tremendous source of help to us and we wholeheartedly trust these guys to take care of you!

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Charles “CJ” Bobola (Jet Home Loans)

I want my customers to know they’re never out of the fight when I’m on their side. I’m going to do everything I can to help them land the home they have their heart set on. As an 11-year Navy Veteran and mortgage service expert, my mission is to lead borrowers through the home loan process while offering useful tips and actionable advice to help simplify their overall home buying experience. Purchasing a home can be challenging, but I’m known for my ability to help clients who have been told “no” when applying for a loan and finding innovative ways to make it happen.

“CJ is a mortgage industry professional who understands how to connect with his clients and give them the confidence to reach their homeownership goals. He’s passionate about helping others and serves his customers with uncompromising integrity. With his mix of discipline, drive and commitment to excellence, we're sure he’ll have a positive impact on our customers and the Jet HomeLoans crew as well,” says Branch Manager, Jason Kindler.

With his extensive mortgage industry experience, CJ is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and helping his clients achieve a quick and smooth closing process*.

Call 904-479-7511 or email - charles.bobola@jethl.com

Samuel P. Royer "The Heroes Guy"

Samuel P. Royer "The Heroes Guy"

Samuel P. Royer (HEROES FIRST HOME LOANS - Cherry Creek Financial)

Sam Royer is also known as The Heroes Guy! As a former Marine with a family that consists of Heroes in many different categories (Nursing, Education, and EMS), he is specifically proud to serve you, not only now, but in the future as well. His primary goal is simple, to make sure you and your family realize all the benefits of your sacrifice and service. You are appreciated!

Hero Rewards: He gives back $500 Visa Gift Card 3 weeks after closing to the Hero!

Call (610) 703-5626 to learn more about lending options available to you. Or visit www.theheroesguy.com

NMLS: 525750