10 trends that will be outdated in 2017. 

First, Brass Fixtures. Can’t say I’m personally disappointed about this trend ending.

Second, Edison Bulbs (as pictured). Admittedly I’m bummed about this one. I love Edison bulbs! I think they add a nice ambiance to homes, court yards, and restaurants. I think I’ll have to keep this trend going.

Third, ALL WHITE ROOMS. Couldn’t agree more that this trend is over. In fact, it shouldn’t have ever been a trend. All white kitchens are not functional. They show dirt and grit and are impossible to keep clean. 

Fourth, Indigo. No comment.

Fifth, Sharp Edges. Apparently 2017 is all about comfort and “taking the edge off.” You’ll have to read more in the article.

Sixth, DIY Projects. LOL.

Seventh, Brushed metal. Unfortunately this is the “standard” in most new constructions homes. We will start seeing warmer metals like gold and keep a look out for matte appliances!

Eighth, Smooth and Sleek Rooms. These rooms designs tend to look and feel flat. Look for ways to incorporate textures in your accent features like pillows and area rugs.

Ninth, Over-Sized Furniture. I don’t know about this one. My personal opinion is oversized furniture tends to be more comfortable and hospitable. I think I’ll keep my ‘seats 8-10′, ‘sleeps 2-3′ sectional for the foreseeable future.


And Finally, Chevron. The article sites chevron is paint patterns. Does this include the herringbone pattern for tiles and bricks?

What do you think? Are you a victim of any of these not so trendy anymore trends? I know I am! What are you looking forward to in 2017?