As 2017 closes out its first month, I can’t help but reflect on how the internet and technology has taken over. 

Think about it - Twitter is synonymous with headline news. Facebook is a platform for social activism. Pinterest is where our fantasy home (and life) resides. Social Media of all types dictate our relationships, our interactions, our protocols. 

My goal for the year is to bring it back old school and remember the art of a hand written note. It’s a bit daunting, my penmanship could use some work for starters. 

The reward is great, it feels like a gift, as Harry and Christine Beckwith describe in their book ‘YOU, INC. The Art of Selling Yourself.’ 

“Handwritten notes feel like gifts because you took the time to find the paper and envelope, write the note, affix the stamp, and gift-wrap your note in its package.” (YOU, INC. The Art of Selling Yourself. Harry and Christine Beckwith, 2007)

So who is with me? Let’s restore some authenticity in our relationships in this ever increasing digital age!