Welcome First Time Homebuyers!

So you've made the decision to stop renting and own your home, or maybe you're just looking for more information before you get into homeownership, whatever the reason, we're glad you stopped by! Below are several videos that address our most FAQs that are commonly asked by our First Time Homebuyers!



Is this your first time buying a home? Wondering how many homes people usually look at before making a decision? Watch the video to learn the average amount of homes buyers usually view before putting in an offer!

What is a home warranty?

Are you thinking about buying a home soon? This video is for you! We discuss the benefits of a home warranty for current and future homeowners! Here are the some of the questions we ask our good friend, Carly Mac, from Old Republic Home Protection!


This is a 💬 topic that before we got into the industry, we had NO IDEA what it was all about: Homeowner's Insurance. Before we bought our first 🏡 home, the only type of insurance we had shopped for was 🚙 car and 🏬 renters insurance. We invited our good friend, Abbie Rose, from Brightway Regency to teach us the basics of homeowner's insurance. And we 🤓 LEARNED A TON!! Here are just a few of the questions we ask Abbie during our interview: 🌧💨 Is my home protected against hurricane damage? 🌊☔️ Is flood insurance a part of my homeowner's insurance policy? 🔥🔥 What happens if my house completely burns down?

Step1: What is a pre-approval - why should i get one?

Have you talked to a Realtor before and they've asked you if you've been approved? And have you thought to yourself...why do I need to be pre-approved, I just want to look at houses? If so, tune in to learn more about why getting a pre-approval is crucial!


The purchase and sale agreement

You've been pre-approved, looked at houses and found your PERFECT home!! Now what? The next step is to make an offer and that is made through the Purchase and Sale Agreement (PASA). Watch this video to learn more about the PASA!


What are closing costs?

Closing costs is the same as a down-payment, right?!? Actually, your closing costs are completely separate from your down payment. Does not matter whether or not you are using a Conventional, FHA or VA loan. Watch to learn more about closing costs!


What is a binder deposit?

Is the binder deposit the same as a down-payment? Why do I need this? Where does this money go to? All great questions! Watch the video to learn more about the Binder Deposit!


What is the inspection period?

Now that your offer was accepted, you've submitted your binder deposit, what's next? What happens if I get cold feet, or buyer's remorse? Should I hire someone to inspect the house? How long is the inspection period? Check out the video to learn more about the Inspection Period!